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Jul 24, 2018

With a rich history in corporate enterprise that stretches back to when managing memory was the key issue of the day, Vijay Bhuavanagiri joins us and shares historically "problems that we were trying to solve in the engineering world were numerical analysis problems, so we had to solve them through the metrics analysis. That required a lot of managing the memory type of thing.” It continued through building “management systems to manage all devices, or IP, voice and  video streaming.” And right up to chjinging business models. “ Our enterprise architecture practice survives module integration because of maturity.” Which leads to his current philosophy and key questions he asks, "you need to have an architecture that can be deployed globally. And also take care of the local constraints like the regulations and other compliance things. And do the customer-centric things. So how do you put that together? What is the architecture? How do you make it happen? What are the shared services that need to be there?"