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Feb 14, 2019

Einar Michaelson joins us and shares insight to the initial limitations of implementing RPA: "You should have good control of your processes and systems, the user interfaces, if you know that are they changing or they're not changing. Are they changing every other week or every three months, those kind of things will...

Feb 13, 2019

"A bank should have the freedom to delve into the technology realm. It shouldn't shut itself down from actually getting into technology at all, because it's going to be left behind, but then it's always going to be banking that is its core principle. Innovation is something that we always aim at." -Sai Gridhar Ramasamy

Feb 12, 2019

"When I see say that a solution applies to most of our customers, I do not necessarily mean a successful solution that can be rolled out. I think that is key lesson because I think what we have learnted is the whole customer journey and I'm having these different types of customers we cater to is more important...

Feb 11, 2019

"Every day there are new things. And we are in a time where you're going through digital transformation, and digital transformation is a never-ending journey." - Moh Al Gadban

Feb 7, 2019

"Today, we have 150,000 people, and out of that, we have couple hundred data scientists. We want to share the same platform. We want to share the same data. We want to have same results. Therefore, we want to have a common platform." - Meltem Ballan