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May 21, 2019

"Try and reorient yourself to run like a business. Because that's what businesses do." - Tony Saldanha

May 20, 2019

Xavier Rodriguez joins us and shares the importance of good leadership: "sometimes, you're not the best one on the technical side, but if you are a good leader, you will manage your team."

May 17, 2019

"It's not a thing you do, it's a way you do what you do." - Lee Coulter

May 16, 2019

UX designers Benjamin Judy and Lily Bather discuss how they're building the next generation of 7-Eleven digital products to transform convenience retail into an on-demand experience. Lily is an interaction designer who is working to enhance the retail experience by crafting 7-Eleven’s next generation of...

May 15, 2019

"if we really want to help organizations advance, if we want to do things like process excellence, we can't get there without emotional excellence. That's the stripping point." - Ravi Rao