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Nov 29, 2018

What we've done is an alliance of other regimes and what we've seen since we've done that as other regimes around the world doing exactly the same thing. So what we're doing is putting a common plumbing in place for global organizations to work. - Beju Shah, Bank of England

Nov 28, 2018

Jim Kowalczyk on change management: "There's going to be things that just are not going to change. You just have to work with that or work around that. It is really key to having that clear vision."

Nov 27, 2018

Mohamed Saleh on implementing transformation processes: "You can't delegate a transformation, in order for transformation to occur, they need to observe the leaders and staff need to observe that you are just as committed and equally as humble as other people that are doing this. Anything that doesn't speak to...

Nov 27, 2018

"The worry-free experience is that you deliver your fix, but you do extra on top of that. That's the bow around the fix, that's how you present it, really like a present. It's going the extra mile." - Niki Chambeau, Vodafone

Nov 26, 2018

Bob Kupershoek on learning from the pioneers in order to improve your own processes: "I think we've learned a lot from these companies that have gone for the first time with robotics. Some processes are better fit than other processes. I think there's a technology for every kind of problem. So, RPA is not the...