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Jan 17, 2019

"The key is preparation. It's groundwork. It's doing all the stuff that we can do now to allow us to be flexible in the future." - James Potter

Jan 16, 2019

We understand what people are asking for in terms of the insights come from consumers and customers. We understand what the businesses that we are working with, we understand their business, challenges and their needs." - Jamie Campbell

Jan 15, 2019

"We need to bring all these processes in one physical location, work on a more standard way of doing things, the commission of a few applications, local solutions; and then we can really have a benefit from things like machine learning." - Kamila Grembowicz

Jan 14, 2019

"We speak about education on what to do, how to do it responsibility, braveness, creativity, these are the most essential values, characteristics of which we want to encourage." - Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius

Jan 10, 2019

"What we want to enable is the entire business across all units, all levels. That will really help address the cultural issue of making the employee journey an important factor for us." - Anders Emil Balk-Møller