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Feb 25, 2020

Intel’s Steven Remsen made the cross-country trip from Portland, OR to Orlando for OPEX Week. We caught up with him to discuss process mining. Steven starts out with a quick history of a few special algorithms before noting the strengths of traditional mapping methods. As a practitioner, he understands the three basic steps of process mining from the academic space: discovery, conformance, and enhancement. Steve’s science background sets him apart from some other data scientists who see the black boxes of AI as collateral. Steven looks under the hood. After all, he notes, finding an AI solution to a business problem isn’t enough—it must be the correct solution. Next, Stephen shares a multi-million-dollar solution to a bottleneck in Intel’s fabrication process that was achieved through a quick and easy process mining activity. Next, Steven drives home the backbone of any successful AI implementation: people. In order to process mine in a holistic way, as Steven says, “It’s always people, process, technology.” He demonstrates this point with one more fantastic story about how data won’t work together if people can’t.