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Feb 11, 2020

Angie Fearn comes to us from OPEX Orlando to discuss diversity of thought and its importance for enterprise. While diversity has become a loaded buzzword, Angie refocuses its compass around the way different people come with their own set of skills and capabilities. As a leader—and a human—it is natural to want to hire people who look and think like you. It takes an insightful leader to actively diversify their talent in order to fill in the gaps that exist within the leadership team and the enterprise at large. Angie explores the differences between subject matter experts and soft skill experts. Balancing the two in a way that makes sense ensures that employees are ready for the future of work, while still bringing their current expertise into the role. Angie offers several in-depth examples of transformation done right, what the future of the workforce looks like, and the role AI plays in it all.